Todd Fansler

Todd Fansler

Todd Fansler received a PhD. in physics from Princeton University. He joined the Engine Research Center as an Honorary Fellow in 2012 after retiring as Director (acting) of the Propulsion Systems Research Laboratory at General Motors Research & Development. Most of his 33-year GM career was devoted to developing and systematically applying optical diagnostics for internal-combustion-engine flow fields, fuel sprays, combustion and emissions. His research, publications and presentations have been recognized with awards from SAE, GM, and the Combustion Institute, among other organizations. A Fellow of SAE and of the Institute of Physics, Dr. Fansler currently serves as Reviews Editor of the International Journal of Engine Research.

General Interest Presentations

  • Cars, Trucks and the Environment
  • Trends and Challenges for Internal Combustion Engines

Research Interests

  • Optical diagnostics for turbulent flows, fuel sprays, mixing, combustion and emissions
  • Spectrally resolved high-speed imaging
  • Laser-induced fluorescence
  • Advanced engine combustion modes (stratified charge, gasoline compression ignition)

Representative Publications

  • Fansler, T. D., Trujillo, M. F., & Curtis, E. W. (2020). Spray-wall interactions in direct-injection engines: An introductory overview. International Journal of Engine Research, 21, 241-247.
  • Grover R.O., Fansler T.D., Lippert A., Drake M.C. & Assanis D.N. (2020). A numerical–experimental assessment of wall impingement models for spark-ignition direct-injection engines. International Journal of Engine Research, 21, 281-301.
  • Fansler, T. D., & Parrish, S. E. (2015). Spray measurement technology: a review. Measurement Science and Technology, 26, 012002.
    Invited Review
  • Fansler, T. D., Reuss, D. L., Sick, V., & Dahms, R. N. (2015). Combustion instability in spray-guided stratified-charge engines — A review. International Journal of Engine Research, 16, 260-305.
    Invited Review
  • Dahms, R. N., Drake, M. C., Fansler, T. D., Kuo, T. W., & Peters, N. (2011). Understanding ignition processes in spray-guided gasoline engines using high-speed imaging and the extended spark-ignition model SparkCIMM. Part A: Spark channel processes and the turbulent flame front propagation. Combustion and Flame, 158, 2229-2244.
    Feature Article
  • Dahms, R., Fansler, T. D., Drake, M. C., Kuo, T. W., Lippert, A. M., & Peters, N. (2009). Modeling ignition phenomena in spray-guided spark-ignited engines. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 32, 2743-2750.
    Distinguished Paper Award
  • Fansler, T. D., Drake, M. C., et al. (2009). Quantitative liquid and vapor distribution measurements in evaporating fuel sprays using laser-induced exciplex fluorescence. Measurement Science and Technology, 20, 125401.