Detailed in-cylinder engine data and evaluation of the potential for combustion control via manipulation of fuel and combustion chamber gas composition

Donahue, R. J. Detailed in-Cylinder Engine Data and Evaluation of the Potential for Combustion Control via Manipulation of Fuel and Combustion Chamber Gas Composition. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1999.

The effects of fuel and combustion chamber gas composition manipulation on engine performance and engine-out emissions were examined to investigate the potential for controlling NOx and particulate emissions in a direct injection (DI) diesel engine. Fuel effects were studied by investigating a NOx-reducing diesel fuel additive, an additive that professedly promotes combustion via micro-explosions, and an oxygenated fuel. Combustion chamber gas composition was manipulated via water fumigation and oxygen enrichment. To aid in the investigations, detailed in-cylinder measurements were collected by UW-Madison’s newly developed two-dimensional two-color pyrometer, which supplied both the temporal and spatial evolution of temperature and soot fields in the engine. Since the UW-Madison two-color pyrometer had never been applied to a diesel, the investigation also assessed the viability of the two-color data.