Advection of a Reconstructed aVoF Method with Phase Change

Ryddner, D. T. Advection of a Reconstructed AVoF Method With Phase Change. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2018.

An interface advection method applied to an algebraic Volume of Fluid framework is presented. This is coupled with the inclusion of the energy equation, and phase change capabilities. The implemented advection method translates a reconstructed interface. The flux due to vaporization is directly calculated using the temperature gradients at the reconstructed interface. The temperature within interfacial cells is set to saturation. The vaporization flux is added to the Pressure Poisson equation to account for the velocity jump due to phase change. This new solver is validated against 1D to 3D analytical solutions, and found to have good matching. To demonstrate capabilities, 3D simulations are investigated within confined and unconfined channel boiling, indicating that gravitational effects do not immediately disappear below a certain threshold.